Presentations/workshops/courses given


- January 2017 International Criminal Court Presentation in Image Analysis and Biometrics

- 30 November Dutch Cyber Crime Conference organized two workshops, one on image analysis and biometrics and one on forensic interception and decryption

- 3 november presentation in workshop on forensic investigation of camera images Retailport, opening conferentie door Mark Rutte

- 7 november 2016 LTEC Brussels panel chair and introduction onforensic data science and privacy

- 12 October Interpol Lyon review presentation forensic Imaging en Video 

- 21 October presentation on Video and Image Forensics and panel chair IAI EU bij Interpol in Lyon

- 20 September ENFSI Forensic IT Working group,London , presentation drones, chairperson ENFSI Forensic IT Working group

- 22 August college University Leiden Dcypher Cybercrime lecture

- 25 May Spui 25 in Amsterdam presentation big data op 25 mei

- 26 May presentation  camera identificatie Digital Imaging School NFI

- 15 March Erasmus University Lecture Forensic Data Science for Econometry Students

- 31 March DFRWS Lausanne, keynote spreaker / panel member on Likelihood ratios

- February Webinar Forensic Data Science and Multimedia IAI EU

2016, European Forensic Science Area 2020, May, presentation and workshop on Cyber Forensics 

2016 DFRWS EU, April, Lausanne keynote Challenges in Big Multimedia Forensics, From Drones to Virtual Reality and Evidence in Court 

2016 American Academy of Forensic Science, Las Vegas, February
presented Papers :

  • The Use of Photo Response Non-Uniformity (PRNU) Patterns for the Comparison of Online Videos on Social Media
  • Using Deep Learning Methods for Forensic Image and Video Investigation 

In workshop Innovative Science — How Advances in Technology Transform Forensic Science presented Digital and Multimedia Sciences
Chairperson workshop On the Leading Edge of Forensic Science

2016 Lecture Digital Forensics University of Amsterdam

2015 European Academy of Forensic Science, Prague, September

- Chairperson of Forensic IT session
- Forensic examination of new digital devices, such as 3D printers to wearables
- Overview of methods for camera identification and validation

2015 Keynote speaker IMF Conference, Magdeburg

2015 Master Software and Network Engineering lecture on cybercrime and forensics University of Amsterdam

2015 American Academy of Forensic Science

- Chairman of Workshop (W14) On the Leading Edge of Forensic Science 16 February 2015
- Speaker at Interdisciplinary Symposium - Past Presidents - Future Science: Hot Leads in Contemporary Forensic Research on Digital and Multimedia Sciences
Large-Scale, Common-Source Identification of Digital Camera Images Zeno J. Geradts, PhD*; Floris Gisolf, MSFS presentation on 13 February
Forensic Image Comparison of Feet Zeno J. Geradts, PhD*; Katerina Palla, MFS

2015 30 January  Lecture University of Gjovik, Norway CCIS

2015 Lectures Digital Forensics University of Amsterdam

2014 DFRWS Amsterdam Program Chair

2014 November CEPOL/ENFSI conference invited lecture on Forensic IT and big data analysis

2014 IAFS Seoul paper on challenges and opportunities in Digital Forensics

2014 Debate on Forensic Analysis of Big Data and Privacy SPUI 25 Amsterdam

2014 Lecture Digital Forensics System and Network Engineering Universitty of Amsterdam

2014 CEPOL webinar on cyber forensics

2014 American Academy of Forensic Sciences :

  • chaired workshop on applications of 2D and 3D geometric morphometric comparisons 
  • co-chaired workshop on Framework for registration, classification and evaluation in the forensic DNA typing process 
  • paper on Forensic Hand Comparison, Ana Slot and Zeno Geradts
  • paper on new methods for linking cameras on social network, Zeno Geradts and Floris Gisolf

2013 Invited speaker on forensic investigation with digital and biometrics traces in 8th Corporate Fraud and Corruption Forum, Thought Leader, November 15th , Amsterdam

2013 November Forensic Science Society, Horizons 2013 conference, key note talk on Digital Identity

2013 October Interpol Forensic Managers conference, a review paper on developments 2010-2013 on imaging and video analysis, Lyon

2013 September ENFSI Forensic IT Working group forensic video analysis with open source software defraser, Linkoping

2013 May Saint Petersburg International Legal Forum, Russia, Overview of developments on digital evidence in the Netherlands, Saint Petersburg

2013 April Awesome IT Challenges in forensic camera identification in social networks and large databases

2013 February American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Washington DC, chairman workshop on 3D imaging and virtopsies, two papers : camera identification on social networks and one on biometric comparison of hands

2012 December, ENFSI One Day One Topic, Presentation on Accreditation of Forensic IT at the Netherlands Forensic Institute

2012 September ENFSI Digital Imaging Working, Group meeting, Brussels, presentation on camera identfication in large databases

2012 November ENFSI Forensic IT working group, Rome, Chairmans Introduction

2012 August EAFS 2012, The Hague workshop on camera identification, a workshop on digital multimedia analysis, a paper on new methods for camera identification with new algorithms.

2012 IALM 2012, Istanbul, paper on facial comparison and on other body features and poster on camera identification

2012 Invited speaker on forensic investigation with digital and biometrics traces in 5th Corporate Fraud and Corruption Forum, May 31- June 1 , Amsterdam

2012 New developments in digital evidence in course for REKU students, Police Academy Apeldoorn, 25 maart 2012

2012 Three presentations at different workshops (Multimedia, 3D, Interdisciplinary) and two presentations (Video carving with defraser, heart beat detection from veins in face) at the scientific session of the American Academy of Forensic Science, Atlanta 2012

2011 Presentation on digital cyberforensics at  and chairman in London

2011 Paper on heart beat detection at  Chongqing, China for the 2nd BIT Forensic Conference

2011 Colloquium IT Security Cyber Forensics and Combatting Cybercrime, Key note on Challenges and opportunities is Cyberforensics and chairman

2011 Course in Digital Evidence and Biometrics in, Salvador, Brazil

2011 AAFS workshop on Forensic Multimedia Analysis and presentations in Chicago

2011 SSR course Digital Evidence in course for judiciary

2011 Congocongres, Amsterdam, Workshop on Image Analysis and Biometrics

2010 Dalian, China Bit's Conference, lecture on new developments in forensic image analysis

2010 Moscow, ENFSI Forensic IT Working group, Chairmans speech on opportunities in forensic IT

2010 World Conference on IT WCIT 2010 , Innovation in the Forensic Domain, Amsterdam

2010 Workshop Forensic Multimedia Analysis on AAFS in Seattle. Papers on camera analysis and digital investigation of broken video.

2010 Digital Evidence in course on Forensic Economics, University of Leiden, Leiden Institute of Tax Law and Economics, 7 January 2009

2009 EAFS organizer of Workshop in Forensic ICT, chairperson of session Digital Technology, two papers.

2009 Keynote address at DFWRS, Montreal, Challenges and opportunites in Digital and Multimedia forensics

2009 American Academy of Forensic Science Denver,

2008 Invited talk at the Workshop Computational Forensics at National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC.

2008 AAFS-meeting Washington DC


  •  Forensic Examination of Video
    Information Extracted From Digital CCTV-Systems and Phones
  • Identification of Images from Cameras,
  • In "workshop Image Processing and
    Image Comparison", presentation on Relating Images to Cameras.

2007 : ENFSI Forensic IT Working group meeting : chairperson

2007 :Biometric Devices and their forensic implementations, Conference Advanced Identification Systems, Brussel 14-18 May 2007

2007 : AAFS-meeting San Antonio 17-24 February 

Workshop Forensic Image and Video Processing - chairman and introduction
Scientific Papers :
Forensic Examination of Video-Information Extracted from Digital CCTV-systems and phones
Biometric Devices and Software for Facial Comparison and Iris Matching : use in forensic science

Engineering Sciences Section Founder's award

Elected as chairperson for ad hoc section Digital Evidence and Multimedia of AAFS. The proposal is submitted to the board and will be proposed to the members at the AAFS-conference in 2008. 

2006 : EAFS-meeting Helsinki : workshops ; organizer of workshop Digital Evidence and speaker of several other workshops.

TUESDAY, 13 June 2006

Biometric Applications     

Organisers: ENFSI Digital Imaging WG, ENFSI Forensic Information Technology WG      

Presenters: Arnout Ruifrok and Zeno Geradts (NL)

An overview of state-of-the-art biometric systems including facial image recognition and fingerprint recognition is given and the results of some tests are discussed in relation to practical police and forensic applications. Working of some biometric devices and methods of device ‘spoofing’ will be demonstrated and discussed


Facial Image Recognition and Identification    

Organisers: ENFSI Digital Imaging WG, ENFSI Forensic Information Technology WG      

Presenters: Arnout Ruifrok (NL), Zeno Geradts (NL), Johanna Morley ( UK )

The workshop starts with an exercise where photopairs will be shown and participants are asked if the depicted persons can be identified or not. Then, a forensic procedure for facial image comparison is presented and discussed. After explanation and demonstration of distortions and artefacts caused by the imaging process, a second round of photopairs will be shown and alternative procedures will be discussed.


How to Setup or Maintain a Digital Evidence Section?       

Organiser: ENFSI Forensic Information Technology WG            

Presenters: Zeno Geradts and Richard Koning (NL), Nicolas Duvinage

Digital Evidence is a rapidly developing field, where the amount of storage to be analyzed (hard disks and memory sticks), is expanding each year.  Furthermore the variety of devices (such a mobile phones, PDA's, electronics in car, medical equipment etc.) makes it a challenge to keep up with new tools and methods for examination.

The workshop will go in depth to setting up a Digital Evidence Section, with aspects of quality assurance, training and certification and research and development within a digital evidence section in a forensic laboratory

FRIDAY, 16 June 2006

Forensic Image Processing            

Organisers: ENFSI Digital Imaging WG, ENFSI European Document Experts WG, ENFSI Forensic Information Technology WG                 

Presenters: Jurrien Bijhold, Charles Berger and Zeno Geradts (NL), Federico Cervelli (IT)

 In this workshop some basic principles of image processing are explained and an overview is given of state-of-the-art methods for forensic image processing in different disciplines. The audience will learn what is possible and what is miraculous in all the nice examples shown in the media and TV-shows like CSI. Furthermore, we will reveal some secrets of investigating the authenticity and integrity of images. The range of examples start with high-tech-science methods for video processing that could work, only theoretically, in real live casework, and ends with Matlab routines for video processing and very practical Photoshop plug-in's that have proven to work and to be useful in document examinations

2006 : February AAFS Annual Meeting, Seattle 18-25 February : 
                    - workshop Image Processing
                    - paper on Formats and CODECS
                    - paper on Biometric Devices
                    - paper on Validation Fingerprints
2005 : Biometrics e-symposium : presentation on Biometric Devices

2005 : September : organisation of IOCE / FIDISENFSI-FIT meeting in Amsterdam from 14-16 September and introduction on FIDIS
2005 : August : IAFS International Association of Forensic Science  
                Contribution Workshop on Digital Evidence - introduction to various types of digital evidence,            mobile phones, media analysis and video demonstration of RDD-disk, TULP2G and analyzing formats and codecs of videostreams.
                Scientific session, paper on Biometric Devices and FIDIS
2005 : May FIDIS presentation Tilburg on identity theft and biometrics
2005 : February FIDIS presentation on profiling and forensic science
2005 : February AAFS Workshop on image and video processing ; presentation on biometric devices and presentation on Questions about integrity.pps.2004 : September FIDIS workshop and ENFSI-FIT
2004 : February AAFS conference - Dallas workshop on image and video processing and a presentation on 3D acquisition techniques for image databases in forensic science
2003 : Conference NGI-Zuid : "Slim Zoeken - Slim Beveiligen", together withRuud van Munster from TNO.
2003 :  AAFS-conference - a paper on Forensic use of Biometric Access Devices, 21 February 2003
2003 : SPIE-conference - Aerosense - Investigative Image Processing : chairing and presenting a paper with topic Extracting forensic evidence from biometric devices.
2003 : EAFS-conference - a paper on Biometrics  and contributions to closed sessions of digital evidence, fingerprints and image processing, 25 September 2003
2003 : University of Amsterdam - invited lecture on digital evidence, 19 november 2003.
2002 : AAFS - two papers on photogrammetry in video images and quality assurance in digital evidence
2002 : Techno 2002 presented a paper on tools and techniques in digital evidence
2002 : SPIE- conference Aerosense 2002 Chairman Investigative Image Processing - two papers presented
2002 : June - PhD degree obtained at the University of Utrecht on doctoral thesis "Content-Based Information Retrieval from Forensic Image Databases"
2002 : ENFSI-FIT Conference, Oslo - presentation and selected as vice-chairman
2002 : Presented part of course on Digital Evidence at the University of Nijenrode
2002 : Digital Evidence presentations for SSR
2002 : Conference for Digital Blue (Dutch Police) - workshop Tools and Techniques in Digital Evidence
2001 : January Forensic Medicon - India, Jaipur , invited speaker for Use of Internet and Image Processing in Forensic Medicine and Forensic Science - paper also available
2001 : February AAFS-meeting in Seattle : workshop Internet : literature databases and paper on use of image databases in forensic science.
2001 : March European Connections in Amsterdam (Forensic Science Society). Paper on new developments in forensic image processing and pattern recognition
2001 : May - Frenzy conference - digital evidence / image processing / Internet
2001 : May - image processing in TV-program of Noorderlicht VPRO- Dutch
2001 : September HTCIA
2000 : AAFS, Reno, workshop internet in Forensic Science + paper on identification of camera's.
2000 : June 15,16 Organizer of ENFSI-conference on Forensic IT
2000 : July 2,3 : Switzerland, Use of internet and imaging in forensic medicine
2000 : Irish Machine Vision & Image Processing Conference 31 August - 2 September 2000, Invited speaker Pattern recognition and image processing in forensic science PDF and here you can see me presenting this paper on line during 50 minutes
2000 : November SPIE meeting in Boston (four papers submitted and accepted)
2000 : December IOCE/ENFSI-meeting in Paris. Chaired a session on Digital Imaging and Audio.
1999 : ASCII-conference : one paper presented
1999 : IAFS-conference ; two papers presented : one on video
1999:  ICIP-conference, Tokyo, key note speaker on forensic image processing in law enforcement
1998 : SPIE Photonics West : Investigating Video Sequences / Pattern recognition in a database of cartridge cases
1997 : AAFS : workshop use of internet in forensics
1997 : SPTM-conference : use of internet in forensics
1996: July, AFTE-conference
1996 : WPMO - Kumamoto; paper on crossbow case
1996 : IAFS-Tokyo workshop on use of internet in forensics / classification of shoeprofiles with neural networks
1995 : International Meeting for Shoeprint and Toolmark-examiners, Helsinki, 2 papers and workshop shoeprints
1995 : SPIE-conference in San Diego : automatic recognition with neural networks of shoeprofiles
1995 : NRIPS (National Research Institute of Police Science) 2 months in a project
1994 : AFTE-congres, Indianapolis
1994 : International conference on shoeprints FBI-Academy
1994 : Londen, "Image processing in Forensic Science", conference, paper on imaging systems
1993 : Düsseldorf congress IAFS "A new approach to automatic comparison of toolmarks"
1993 : Dusseldorf congress IAFS "A nationwide database system for shoeprints