At the muzzle they are identical. As the bullet moves away from the muzzle, differencies in height between them is increasing. At the victim level the extension of bore axis was 3 m above victim's head. Diferencies between them is increasing also because of side wind as is efectively shown in next animation. At the victim's level that side-drift caused by the wind was 0.5 m.

(avi, 296 kB, start on mouse over)

(to see this Forensic 3D animation please download DivX 5 codec)

See bigger version of the Forensic 3D animation (672 KB).

Technical quality of the animations had to be greatly reduced in order to show them on Internet. Originaly they were 1.2 to 1.5 GB big for full PAL resolution.

This 3D Reconstruction of shooting incident is aproximation of real situation. In reality we must take in account that because of vegetation there was no direct visibility betveen the suspect and the victim. Next pictures from crime scene shows us real situation on crime scene. These pictures were taken with real videocamera from the position of the suspect to the position of the victim. 


Because of vegetation on crime scene it was not possible to see the victim from the position of the suspect. Only white mark on a highly rised moving stick denotes position of the victim as seen from position of the suspect.

In this way Forensic 3D, Exterior Ballistic Software and precise measurement of terrain on crime scene by use of the Total Station allows us to come to conclusion that suspect in this specific case, who happened to hit the victim in left side of his head, was not aiming at the victim and he did it without intetion.

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