This is an example of Forensic 3D Animation and a Ballistic Reconstruction of an imaginary shooting incident. The scene you are looking at consists of 3D models of a car, crime scene, suspect and a victim. A suspect and a victim are moving in precisely defined manner. In this example an imaginary camera is positioned in such a way that we can clearly see all important details during animation such as ballistic path of a bullet, wounding channel, point where the bullet ended, extraction of a spent case and point where the case was found. In order to make a mental reconstruction of the incident, all material evidence found on the scene of crime was combined with results of ballistic laboratory analysis (identification of a weapon, distance of shooting and GSR SEM/EDX analysis,...) . Creation of 3D reconstruction of the shooting incident is a final step and is a visual presentation of a ballistic expert opinion.

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This is an example of Forensic 3D animation. Advantage to classic Ballistic Expert Presentation is in the fact that it is possible to change view of camera and to see the same shooting incident from virtually every viewpoint we desire. For instance we can observe the shooting incident from moving camera .

This Forensic 3D Animation can be played by MS Windows Media Player (free) and DivX codec (free)...